Drawing musicians is good medicine.

I love drawing musicians.

As a completely non-musical person, they are like sorcerers to me. They possess dynamic energy and their movements are both repetitive and startling. I drew this guy on the U both because I love banjos and because of his young-Frank-Zappa good looks! banjetar man november 2016 by Suzanne Forbes

These two guys performed at the delightful holiday party for the wonderful company my husband works for. It was at a totally wonderful, secret venue hidden behind a hof full of bins. I’ll get their names after the break, right now everyone is off for the holidays.aklamio-holiday-party-dec-13-by-suzanne-forbes

One thought on “Drawing musicians is good medicine.

  1. Pat Ketchum

    Just imagining how much the banjo player wants to share his music by bringing it to folks on the U. I often wonder how musicians can remember the music in their heads and play it for hours sometimes. Never mind how they come to create new music. I wish my brain worked that way a little.


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